It was a short trip from Brisbane pubs, clubs, and Triple Zed Market Day, to the underground techno clubs of the early ’90s.

Songwriter, guitarist, and drum programmer Ande Foster defected to dance music as a solo artist, playing clubs and dance parties. As a live electronic artist, fronting a heavy rig of synths, drum machines, and other hardware Ande was a novelty at first in the DJ-dominated Brisbane club scene. Making it onto larger venue stages such as the Roxy, the Site, and the RNA Showgrounds led to festival sets and eventually a long connection to the underground outdoor Doof scene.

Managing a chill stage at Dragonflight New Year festival with partner DJ Su Real brought the pair in contact with a diverse range of artists, leading to the launch of the label “Soundhive” and a double CD release Dragonflight, followed by Soundhive Ambient Works.

Soundhive became a music and sound design company, in 2000 producing an even wider range of genres for soundtracks to a myriad of projects from film to interactive media.

Ande continues as a media producer, and music educator, directed and producing music videos, short films, and documentaries as well as composing and producing soundtracks. He works as a Music and Media Youth Worker with YouthPlus and as a mentor for young musicians in South East Queensland, Australia.

Ande Foster’s latest release “Chill” 12 tracks of original downtempo beats and electronic grooves available on Spotify and all major streaming services and can be purchased on Bandcamp.