Creative Audio for Dynamic Projects

Soundhive is a boutique sound and music design house that has collaborated with media designers for over fifteen years.

We produce music designed and synchronized for animation, video soundtracks, background music, sound design, and voiceover.

Soundhive sells sync licenses for music and sound and design contracts for bespoke music and sound solutions, quoting on a per-project basis.

Our Services

Soundhive music is designed for the project’s look and feel, pace and flow. Your visual design elements and our music design brief, gives us an accurate picture of the music that you need.

Soundhive’s clients prefer a music design solution to searching through oodles of generic material.

The advantage is perfect timing and a consistent theme across the whole project.

Brief us on your project and we will respond.

Sound design can enhance even simple projects. Our sounds will drag and drop into your lap.

Soundhive know how sound works in a variety of interactive projects on many platforms. We concentrate on giving sound events a strong theme.

Real innovation is needed to cut through the noise of the information rich world.   We create audio identity.

Inspire us with your project details and we will respond with sound ideas.

Beyond hard and soft reads, Soundhive specialise in creative voiceover projects.

Dramatic voice recordings to engaging educational narration, we have directed and produced dozens of projects for the commercial and educational sectors.

Let’s talk voiceover.

Soundhive has been in the music production game for over 20 years, helping artists publish music in all genres from traditional, pop, rock, hip hop,  electronic, and everything in between.

Across three studios, from full analogue Toft ATB24 desk to fully digital Allen and Heath QU24. We’re happy to discuss buy-out license deals and back end percentages for your master recording.

The real difference is our experience in designing music, a collaboration that blends professionalism and artistry.

Are you ready to play in the studio? You could make it happen with Soundhive.

Soundhive producer and certified trainer, Ande Foster worked as a specialist consultant trainer in radio for 10 years with Brisbane Indigenous Media Association and Community Media Training Organisation.

As well as being widely consulted by media professionals looking to lift their sound, Ande has designed dozens of engaging sound courses from professional radio production to DJ skills for kids.

Get in touch for professional development, training or workshops in sound.


Ande’s enthusiasm and fun is only matched by his professional attitude. I really enjoyed my recording sessions with Ande and I am stoked with the outcome of my single
‘Closer to the Ceiling’.

I would highly recommend Ande Foster at Soundhive to anyone keen to have their song amped up to another level.
I worked with Ande to produce my first single 'I'll Be Free' and he did a wonderful job on this. He was quick to implement my ideas and so great and easy to work with. I would thoroughly recommend him!
Maddison Kate
Ande works really fast when putting together tracks and mixing. He played all instruments and came up with the hook for "This is True" with Bethany Murphy. I'm always happy with the sound of the production.
Nicki B